Why (honest) feedback crucial is?

Let’s start with the fact you actually want to know what you could do better. Feedback is something that adds or gives new perspective to somebody. Seeing something from a completely different angle could prove invalueble.

I’m a people driven and commercially oriented person. So feedback is crucial, for most people I think. The best example in my opinion where feedback is crucial is gaming. When somebody is stuck in a game, the game itself needs to guide person towards progress. The most succesful games in the world do this perfectly. Thats in part why they are so addictive.

The same thing can be said for jobs and the rejection afterword, why you didn’t get the job. Honest feedback is crucial. If somebody gives you an non-answer it feels like you’ve done something wrong but you have no idea what. That creates frustration even in your close social surroundings. People tend to ask questions like, why are you not good enough, are you good enough, what is wrong with you etc. From the perspective of the recruiter, maybe he actually has hundreds to thousands of resumes. But still, rejection for most people feels awful.

So when you receive honest feedback you can actually work on it and improve yourself, your product or service. For the times when it is dishonest and you know something else is at play, than irritation start to kick in.

So, in my opinion professional feedback in which area that may be. Could prove to be invalueble. It could be the difference between you being succesful and thus adding towards your happiness or not.