What have we learned in the NL from the pandemic?

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Not much to be honest. The pandemic was a health crisis. Our leadership in the NL are amongst the weakest and cowardice people I have yet seen.

You would think you would increase hospital capacity, stimulate healthy eating habits and sports. None of this ever entered the minds our political leadership. There not even been a evaluation, none of the data from our health department (vws) – which was in charge – has been anonymised and published (taxpayer funded operations).

Let’s look at the companies whom can actually impact a healthy lifestyle. Below a charts of these companies.

So let’s take the practical approach.

One the busiest streets in Amsterdam, with loads of tourist and just people in general.

The amounts of shops (95%) on this route that sell garbage food is just insane. What do I mean with garbage foods? Heavy in carbohydrates and sugars.

One example: it is called kruidvat. It used to be a Dutch company. It was sold to AS Watson around the year 2002.

AS Watson is owned by CK Hutchison Holdings, a Chinese company

brown: https://doc.irasia.com/listco/hk/ckh/annual/2021/ar2021.pdf

In this Kruidvat store you being blinded with these kind of products.

We take a nice Liga milkbreak, hmmmm…

So 4.2 gram of sugars. Personally I do not know if this is in 1 cookie or the entire pack.

This is what 4 grams of sugar looks like (1 sugar cube) , bon appetite.

sugar cube beside the spoon
Photo by Benjamin Bellamy on Pexels.com

In English, 1 sugar cube is 4 grams of sugar. This one example. Interpreted this information anyway you like. Kruidvat has over 1,200 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Source: https://doc.irasia.com/listco/hk/ckh/annual/2021/ar2021.pdf

If and when we took this pandemic serious, which is not the case. Then we should pay more attention to these details. Sadly this pandemic was a sick and disgusting power and money grabbing event. Call it the Great Reset. If the regular media wasn’t so afraid it could bring attention to the complete shitstorm of most supply chains in the world. Then again, most journalist are hired based upon the their social media followers.

Personally I’m not against capitalism, you need it. But there is a difference between extreme capitalism; using leveraged and advanced financial instruments or like local business, family owned, making it through actual profits.

The great reset is in full force. Let start with the supply and demand for oil. Oil activist are among the most useful idiots ever.

Saudi Aramco is laughing the hardest. They are with United States and Russia the biggest winners in the oil crisis. The great reset is combination of great stupidity (politics) and willful ignorance. Loads of people are going to (extremely) suffer within the next 6 to 12 months.