What is more important, privacy or security?

It is a tricky choice for some of us; privacy or security. Others feel that this should be balanced out. Is privacy important and to what end? Does security conquer all in spite of privacy?

Society is changing heavily mostly because of the internet because information can easily be shared and multiplied. The idea that our choices are limited when it comes down to security is really strange but essentially the reality. I’m not talking about one event in particular. But to what end may the government or other parties spy and use data to ensure our safety? Could it prevent dangerous situations and more accurately could it find the source(s) of these problems of these situations that may occur.

After multiple dangerous events, would it be so crazy to assume that privacy laws could change? Would it be possible that policies were about to change in a lot of countries based upon fear. Fear is strong motivator for change and abrupt decisions without rational thinking.

Think about it, what would you do to ensure your own safety? Would you change certain aspects of your daily life to make sure your healthy and safe?