TTIP isn’t the big deal, ISDS is

Since ttip has been a topic of discussion. I’ve been researching ttip and isds and looking what exactly would be a pitfall for the consumer in the end.

I wrote about this before and I still think ttip is going to happen, whether we like it or not. Politicians just need to adjust the small print within the isds agreement otherwise the Netherlands is screwed.

What is ISDS actually,

is an instrument of public international law, that grants an investor the right to use dispute settlement proceedings against a foreign government. If an investor from one country (the “Home State”) invests in another country (the “Host State”), both of which have agreed to ISDS, and the Host State violates the rights granted to the investor under public international law, then that investor may bring the matter before an arbitral tribunal. source

So this is kind a tricky situation for the government and they should pay close attention to any such treaty. It could be done in a form of diplomatic or political favor asking or something in class.

Canada has signed such a treaty called the NAFTA which has an ISDS clause in it. It has become the most sued country under the free trade tribunals.

Let’s show this in an image


This looks pretty severe and serious to me. Personally I did not know it was this extreme.