My opinion about organic food

I like getting organic, quality food for a good price. I’ve visited dozens of organic food markets, stores and what have you not. 

It is starting to become a trend of sorts. That is good, people are actually paying attention to what they are putting into their bodies. Some people tend to over do it and go extreme which has its downsides. Again, I think it is good that people take a closer look to the details of their food. A lot of stores try their best to keep up with the demand. Some are honest and actually deliver quality organic food, others fail and just hurt their own public image. If you can’t commit to organic food, because it is to expensive, just be honest. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It does costs a lot of money.



What is actually the definition behind organic food?

Organic foods are foods that are produced using methods that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such a s pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The demand for organic foods is primarily driven by personal health and environmental reasons and the United States has seen organic food sales growth since 2000. Source

So like I said in the beginning, we are getting more conscious about the food we eat. That is certainly a good thing.

Sometimes I go to these local farmers markets. People there put a lot of effort into their craft. It isn’t really efficient though what makes it in the end more expensive for the customer. Look, if you want to compete with MC Donalds and Subway in the food markets place, you have to be very good. I’m not saying it isn’t possible, it certainly is possible in todays market. But remember this; “anybody can make better sandwiches or hamburgers than MC Donalds or a Subway. They just have a better business model what makes them more efficient in the end. The people behind these businesses are talented businesswomen and men”.

If and when you are really passionate about this, just try and maybe you will succeed.