Why a lot of people in the NL is going to suffer in the next coming years.

person counting cash money

Politically the dutch system is completely broken. The last elections of the municipalities were bad (few voters). Very few people care about politics, while politics is one of the deciding factors; in your personal life and work.

Take for example Amsterdam. We have 873.338 inhabitants in Amsterdam. From which are 6,7% (58.513) are not able to vote . So in total 815.338 are able to vote in Amsterdam. Then we are going to count how many legal/correct voting bills have been counted; 324,869 . Now we have the result, less than half of the inhabitants of Amsterdam have voted.

Almost everything around us is decided by politics. We have a big government and municipality (Amsterdam). To not talk about politics, then subjects can get really hard and weird.

For example it is pretty clear that energy en food prices are going to rise in cost. This is also confirmed by the EU decision maker (PvdA, Netherlands) or influencer. To date the interview below; 31 march 2022

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=japy442F2WY

Here another link to Frans Timmermans, basically saying we are not ready to let go of Russian gas and that the green energy transition is about 5 to 10 years away from becoming reality. To date this: sunday 6 march 2022.

Thereby we have a contract to supply gas to Germany, oops….

source: https://www.icis.com/explore/

Why am I pointing this out? Energy as well as food are the constant expenses in anybody weekly or monthly budget. In my opinion the EU has failed miserably in this transition. When would the transition have been acceptable? When they would have created ‘working alternatives’, for example a plan to increase solar panels on ‘dead spaces’. What are dead spaces? Simple; m2 that are not used for anything. Put solar panels, weather proof on there. The municipality of Amsterdam could have done this during the start of covid-19. It would have been an acceptable beginning. There were already signals that our electricity use for example, also because of home working, exceeded capacity at times (1,2,3).

Therefore we now we need drastic changes in legislation for the people whom almost live below the poverty line.

Housing prices will keep rising, this was known in 2019. Why, because of nitrogen.

Good luck people, we are going to need it. The people have chosen their leaders, also if you did not vote.