Why is negativity amplified on the internet?

Every time when something bad, outrageous, unpleasant or something like it occurs the media rapports about it and a lot of times it gets blown out of proportion.

For instance, the tragic happenings in the middle east (outside the European Union; Syrië for example). Most of it in my opinion is politics and these poor inhabitants have to flee the country because there is seriously nothing there, everything is getting destroyed. Obviously I do not have the answers but it is fair to say that is horrendous what is happening.

Then we have political elections. Say whatever you want about them, they always generate friction. These political fights often occur with an information warfare and lots of blaming, thereby using the social media layer to influence ordinary citizens. Is this bad? Sure but this has also happened in the past, it only now gets amplified by internet and blasted via social media algorithms into our lives, thereby giving it more attention.

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There is enough positivity to go around it only is not profitable so it does not really get amplified, bad news does. It really sad to say. A national holiday gets loads of criticism, sports with doping gets lots of criticism. When do we stop focussing on stuff we can not fully understand and thereby giving an irrelevant argument. A national holiday, is just something we celebrate stop making elaborate comparisment to slavery. The pressures to perform at the highest levels of sports in the world is something most of us can not understand. Most people workout 2 or 3 times a week, maybe. Try working out 2 times a day, 6 days a week straight, for years.

If you want to complain, do it about pensions or mass productions, that is actually relevant. No, that is boring and not easy to attack.

Sorry, you obviously can sense some irritation from my part. We tend to focus on dumb stuff. My generation has a big pension problem, we have to work until we are 70 years old and then ‘maybe’ we have decent pension but even that is not certainty. Or buying a seriously over priced house/apartment because central banks can’t stop printing money. Maybe we should focus on the problems of mass production which generated lots of waste and over consumption. Maybe, just maybe we should talk about (mental) health, sugar industry, the alcohol industry, applying alcohol locks on cars. Instead we focus on subjects that have little to no impact on our own personal lives. There is so much to talk about that creates positivity in the long-term, instead of talking about subjects that are utterly irrelevant and won’t give us a healthy and wealthy future.