Why isn’t anybody prepared for corona crisis?

To begin I’d like people to watch this youtube fragment

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This was published on Youtube the 3 April 2015. This Bill Gates we are talking about, not some above average researcher or business person. No this one of the richest and most well connected man in the world. If Bill Gates calls, you will pick up.

So 2015, 4 years later now we have the Corona infection. A recognised pandemic. Almost the entire world is on a lock down, mass media hysteria and most civilians have no good idea what to do exactly. In short we have a world meltdown.

To me this is very strange but it also shows how inadequate big bureaucracies like a EU are for example. There is no ‘fast tracking anything’, no scripts or anything like it.

What I see in my country (Netherlands) is total incompetence. Why? The people in charge have no idea in reality how an economy works. In theory and on paper they supposedly are the best. Now there is a real crisis and a lot of people in the government are crumbling under the pressure. Am I being harsh? No, being a top government official means you play on the top levels of any game, which means you’re on 24/7 x 365. You are governing a part of country. No excuses.

I can’t even give this a small positive side, because if they continue to enormously restrict small and medium sized businesses for longer, there is no economy left. The government can’t collect taxes, which they need to spend. In my opinion, they should slowly open most small and medium seized business. Get all the police on the streets. Restrict business to a max of 50 people per business, per 10 m2, 1 person and facemask are a must! Otherwise the economy is going to collapse.

The social distancing, it is needed! But the infrastructure around us is not build to sustain this for a longer period. Thereby not everybody is fond of keeping a decent distance, also and this is the most dangerous part, not everybody believes the governmental health agencies. They have made mistakes in the past. In reality it is survival of the fittest.