Why we need a moderate internet filter country based

Since about a year I have a job as a policy representative for the Amsterdam city government on the street in the center of the city.

In the past I was against any internet filter but my views have changed. We need absolutely need a country based content filter. Too many underdeveloped people make the worst possible decisions with near death experiences as a result. Police have their hands full with these kinds of activities. Certain content needs to be blocked by algorithms, which recognises violence.

Now comes the truly scary part of this problem. Social networks like a Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok need aggressive content to work properly, why? It is pure psychology. People tend to share and engage more with negative content instead of positive content. For example: a knife fight gets more views and shares than a wedding ceremony, someone planting trees or building a house.

Thus giving the social networks more engagement, more attention equals more money.

This why call for a moderate internet filter. Based on age and violent content. Targeted on App stores (legal and illegal ones).