Beginning in currency trading

I have always been energized by demand and supply and thus trading. Obviously you start small and when it goes better you go bigger.

I started as a marketplace trader with my own booth, subsequently I sold a variety items online. But I’ve only sold things I would use or that I knew I could sell. So I’m not your greatest salesman. There have been items that I sold that started of reasonably good but got harder a long the way; because of competition or other external factors were at that time out of my control or I just was not good enough.

So I have done this for years and I like it. I’m obviously not constrained by one or two products. Since a few months (actually years) I started to trade on a ETF (Electronic Traded Funds), started out small and noticed something incredibly awesome. I was playing chess or go against the world. I’m starting to learn that it is all about the interpretation or analysing the information better or different AND keeping your emotions out of it, even when it gets tough.

Obviously I’m still learning it but I’m also really enjoying it. I think this kind of trading will make me an even better trader overall.