The power of voice

Using your voice to control a device is useful. For starters in cars, controlling your smartphone by voice is just efficient and safe. Thereby safes it you from getting fined.

Lets take a closer look in our daily lives. Time for most of us is precious and we’d like to use it as good as possible. So when instead of ordering a product by using your laptop you use your voice and tell your phone or other connected device to order you a specific product or just your entire grocery list. It just saves you loads of time, not necessarily money but time for sure.

Let’s take a step further, everything could potentially be recorded. To activate the voice control officially you have to mention the specific service name. But still it is connected to the internet and it could be that a third-party could hack that device with malicious intent. Not to mention that the voice service could be connected to more devices in your house; tv, fridge and heating to name a few. In my opinion everything that has a chip in it can potentially be hacked, that is just the truth.

Back to voice and shopping. I know that the biggest retail chain store in my country (Netherlands) is experimenting with this technology. Which is great, love it. BUT, I know amazon is planning to launch their webstore finally also in the Netherlands (some much-needed competition). We also know that amazon acquired Whole Foods, which gives amazon a whole new booming business. Thereby amazon has a very good voice assistant. The thing that I see happening is that amazon could potentially in 10 or 20 years time outcompete most retail chain stores especially here in the Netherlands.