My thoughts on the curfew in the NL

Our curfew is from 21:00 till 04:30, it is extended till 2 March 2021. To me absurd and the wrong decision based upon bad data and fear.

The last curfew happened during the second world war. Insane to think that our government is this clueless to make such an impactful decision. The weird thing is a lot of people support the curfew, about 60% in NL

Update: The curfew in the NL was a big failure and had no measurable effect.

For me, I’m done with the current political parties whom voted for the curfew, the curfew has not been proven to work and the current leadership just extended it, like it is nothing. This is the group that currently makes the big decisions in the NL.

Political parties that for and against the curfew in 2021

I dislike pointing fingers, I like to solve problems. So this would be my game plan.

It is currently about testing and vaccines.

Testing and vaccines plan for NL:

We have more then enough data. We know were the hotspots are.

Every stadium, sports facility will be used for medical testing and vaccination. I have to add, vaccination is not required. It is everybody’s own choice, based upon Article 11 of the constitutional law in the Netherlands. To add, the medical prescriptions (in dutch) Biontech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca

In every province the stadiums will be testing facilities and giving vaccination. These facilities will be 24/7 open, with additional hospitality people and police sworn in by ministry, so arrest can made if necessary. My advice; 80% hospitality people (trained in crowd management and able to handle emotional outbreaks) and 20% police maybe even less.


In the provinces with mayor cities, like the capital. Obviously every stadium will be used 24/7, every available sport facility, community centre and empty governmental buildings will be used.

The medical staff:

Every medically trained and certified person in country will be asked, to take test and vaccinate inhabitants. They will be paid in first instance 200% above their normal salary (if they posses the needed certification). Night shift (00:00 till 07:00) will be covered with an additionally 150%. Hours above their normal hours will be covered with a 100% more per worked hour.

Hospitality staff:

These people will be trained in following: emotional trainings (on the job) and in crowd management. Minimum requirements: red cross certified first aid training.

The tech infrastructure:

We hire these people in multiples:

1 person: CTO/Arch2/DBArch2
1 person: BSA/PM/QA
1 person: Dev /Arch
1 person: Dev2/DBArch/CM2
1 person: CM/Tools /DBAdmin

We will use Data Center: Bahnhof

The financing.

Sadly banks won’t help, I think. So ministry will need to apply to the EU fund: NextGenerationEU

Financing: 1 billion euros for 60 days.

Source: for much of my analysis

Update 28-04-2021: This sentence sums up vaccination program in the Netherlands: “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.