The year 2020 in review (covid-19)


It has been an extraordinary year for me personally, let alone the world we live in.

Not to immediately start off with covid-19, it looked like a decent year with with a lot of normal shitty ness. Rising house prises, gig economy (not a fan), rising food cost.

We have had a lot of protest this year, I’m not going to give names, but some of them were utterly useless. If you want to change policy (inequality) and government, look at the money printing and the interest rates (IMF, central banks and banks around the world) the rest is really not that important. Because if you are a capable person you will persevere, the internet made sure of that, let alone blockchain technology.

For me personally I’ve noticed how people act during the ‘good’ times but also during the ‘crisis’ times. That has been interesting.

I have made mistakes and I have learned from them. Most mistakes originated from a lack of leadership within others and/or because of the lack of social interactions.

Then another thing, censorship, it is very real. All the platforms who actively engage in censorship, it is within their rights. But then we have to classify them differently: from a platform (Facebook for example) to a publisher (page 17 below). Additionally these platforms (Google and Facebook) control societies, that is just a fact. Presidential elections are won online. If you really want to know the details, search for ML Fairness.

Another thing which is really sad, journalism is totally gone, it just does not exist anymore. Very few people investigate something objectively. I’m not even talking about politics (that ship has sailed and is completely lost). The problem is that a lot of us can not have normal dialogue, nobody needs to win. Just hear each other out without shouting. Get something to drink and have a chat. Be interested, try not to judge and accept that people are different.

In the world of academics and intellectuals there needs to be a winner or somebody who is morally superior. Let’s not get started about that world. It is a seriously small world, like really small but they have convinced themselves that they are somehow better than the average civilian (I’m talking: UN, EU, WHO, NATO, WTO).

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Personally I’m of the world, actions speak louder than words. Words do not even hurt me.

My Youtube account has been disabled, I saw it coming but still. It was a collection of interesting materials, in my opinion. How did I see it coming? I merge or cut fragments of clips. If an organisation does not like that, they can fill in a complaint or a direct takedown of that particular content created by me. To be honest it had nothing to do with politics or covid-19 related items. It actually was something about economics and IT related. So before the complete ban, transfered most of it to Bitchute.

The massive problem is the having a cognitive diversified debate. The government in the Netherlands spends about 800 million euros of tax money on ‘so called’ diverse programming. The problem in reality is, it is not diverse. Myself I watch shows, podcast throughout the entire world. So I really do not miss it. But the taxes I contribute are being misused.

Then we have the decisions that are being made by the current people in power in the government. I can’t even be mad, we, the people deserve what is coming to us. The amount of shit that is coming in the next years, people have chosen their leaders. Live with it.

The biggest problem of all this year and coming are the lock downs, which actually just do not work, second source. Governments have ruined millions of families and businesses. This according to data from one of the most populated city in the world, New York City.

How did I handle the Wuhan virus from the start (professionally)? First of all, I was a host at the red light district. I remember this vividly. In the Netherlands we had the first lock down (23 march 2020), called ‘intelligent lock down’. When I was cycling towards a the supermarket I was asked by the my boss, by phone, to accept a semi-promotion. I had no increase in pay or contract change. I needed to open one of the locations of the organisation and to lead about 10 people, 5 teams of 2 people on bikes through specific parts of the Amsterdam area. I was excited to get this role. Because I knew I could perform and excel at it.

An example of one of the podcast that gave me enormous amounts of incredible valuable information. An important fragment below. This is a doctor from John Hopkins, is one the best hospitals in the world, just to give you all some background information.

From the beginning of the first lockdown ‘intelligent lockdown’, I listened continuously to this podcast. It is a dutch podcast, translated into English: ‘Entrepreneurship in times of corona’. The person who hosted the podcast is very successful entrepreneur Yves Gijrath. I knew this man from previous interviews in the past. So this also gave me a lot of information and context (first interview was March 25 2020).

Because the Wuhan Covid-19 virus was classified a pandemic (worldwide), we (I) have the luxury of a lot of different sources, world wide.

Luckily I’m a very curious person by nature. I listened to niche / specialised podcast. I followed my neighbouring country Germany ‘closely’. So in March, I had 60% to 70% of information I needed to make good decisions. The operational information were issued in form of an ‘executive order’, which I downloaded myself from the government websites, the big federal one and the local version from the local government. I supplemented this which the knowledge from the specialised podcasts.

So for me making decisions (I had to run a location for the Amsterdam Government) during the first ‘intelligent lock down’, became easier. I knew enough to make good decisions. Of course when time progressed and more data world-wide became available, my decision process became easier and very accurate.

To be honest, I have never watched a press conference (only the WHO media press conference), only read the ‘executive orders’, which are part of the law. That is basically how the start of the pandemic for me occurred.