What is the business secret behind victoria secret?

Victoria secret one of the most valuable and trusted women business brands in the world. As a business enthousiast I was wondering, how did they do this?

How do they acquire female customers? Women need to relate towards the VS brand. Take for example,¬†Alessandra Ambrosio’s. She’s a wife and mother. Something every women can relate to.



Kate Upton for instance is threatening for other women. They see her as competition not as inspiration, apparently. So it a game of psychology.

So by striking the balance between sophisticated sexy and¬†approachable against sexy and distant. Kate Upton is sexy but threatening for other women, so they won’t quickly relate towards her.

Victorias-Secret-logo vsgirls

If you want to become a VS women/girl. Try being sexy but also approachable, also online. So don’t advertise yourself in papers like playboy (men’s orientated women magazines). It not about showing your body, it about showing your personality and character, at least, if I got that part right. Make sure women fancy you because of your style and personality. When women find you threatening you probably never make it as a VS girl/women.

Most girls want to become a victoria secret girl. It is something of prestige in the fashion industry.