Which metric(s) actually count in business?

Metrics, we love them. A lot of people call them data, or big data. So what metrics actually count in business?

The reason I’m writing this is because (financial) media has fallen in decay in my opinion. I’m now merely commenting on the dutch media. Here in the Netherlands we have more than enough start-ups. News media, blogs, celebrate the fundraise, the amount of members, the streams. Not the thing that actually matters, profit.

A few examples: a bycicle renting company, online video company and a website building company. There are obviously many more examples.

Look, I get it most of the time these companies stay private for a long time and you can’t get profits or loss metrics. So journalist rapport on different (irrelevant) metrics in my opinion.

There are more than enough topics to cover on ride sharing business alone. need some help, here’s a link. Or this fancy small business facilitator, it’s financials are amazing… (here’s a link).

Although some metrics are just funny and scary at the same time. For example the most famous and online video brand. The title of this article just tells you enough: ”Is Netflix Being Run By The US Congress?“.

Actually, I came across the numbers somewhat too late. I have had the opportunity to ask reed hastings a question, I asked him the most silly of all questions to be honest. Shit happens

Here’s the footage, skip to 10:35.


Again, some metrics are more important than others.